Multi Rating: Post Ratings for WordPress

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Writing great content is important if you want to grow your blog and gain more readers. But unless you are tracking your posts and asking for feedback, you are going to have a hard time figuring out what you need to be working on. Multi Rating happens to be a simple plugin that enables you to ask your visitors to give you feedback on your posts. You can ask them to rate a post based on your custom questions.

multi rating

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Simple Social Inbox for WordPress: Social Marketing Plugin

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The field of SEO has changed a lot over the years. Relying only on Google for traffic is not the best way to grow your business. You should also be actively involved on Twitter, Facebook, and other top social sites. Just sending your posts to those sites automatically does not equate having a social marketing strategy. You also need to track your campaigns, engage your fans, and have a real content strategy. Simple Social Inbox can help. It helps you keep up with messages from all your social accounts.

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MemeOne Meme Generator for WordPress

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We have all seen memes on social networking sites in the past. You can find a ton of new ones on Reddit and sites like that. Of course, you can always create your own. MemeOne happens to be a plugin that helps with that. It is a simple tool you can use to choose your background, add your text, and customize your memes.

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Galaxy Funder Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is already a pretty awesome e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You can download all kinds of cool themes for it to give your e-commerce site a makeover. Galaxy Funder is a handy plugin that turns your WooCommerce site into a crowdfunding portal. You will be able to accept campaigns, raise funds for projects, and do a whole lot more without the need to rely on third-party crowdfunding websites.

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Most And Least Read Posts Widget for WordPress

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Producing great content for your WordPress site is necessary if you want to get people to your site and keep them there. You should also track how your content is performing to develop content your readers want to see. The Most And Least Read Posts Widget can help. This is a cool plugin that generates lists of most and least read posts.

most read

The plugin is easy to customize. You can change the number of posts to show, exclude posts with certain words, and show post hits after the title. You can also exclude posts older than a certain number of days. The plugin recognizes the most popular web bots and discards their hits. As long as you are a bit creative, you can use this script to promote your posts that should be getting more attention.


The Most And Least Read Posts Widget is ready to be translated. It is simple to use and saves you time when you need to display your most popular posts.

Chat X: WordPress Chat Plugin for Support

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Creating your own products is necessary if you want to make a living online. No matter how cheap your product, you still need to provide support to your customers. Chat X can help. It is a chat plugin for sales and support. It lets you host unlimited chats and track offline messages. Since the data is stored on your server, everything is private.

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Accordion Slider Responsive Plugin for WordPress

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Meet Accordion Slider: a responsive WordPress plugin that combines the functionality of an accordion with that of a slider. This has a fully responsive design and is optimized with touch-enabled devices. You can use this plugin to create accordions and load images from posts, galleries, and Flickr quickly.


The Accordion Slider lets you add as many panels as you want. You can set layers to display when the panel is opened, closed, or all the time. You can load your slider in posts, pages, template PHP code, or widgets. The plugin takes advantage of lazy loading to offer a faster experience to your visitors.


Accordion Slider has a modular design. It is compatible with Multisite environments. You get automatic updates from the Dashboard. This is a premium plugin.