Browser Blocker Plugin for WordPress

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Not all browsers play nice with what you are offering on your website. Sometimes, spending money to make your site compatible with old browsers is not worth the effort. You are always better off encouraging your visitors to adopt new, modern browsers when they visit your site. The Browser Blocker Plugin is a simple tool that lets you choose which browsers your visitors can use to access your website.

The Browser Block’s admin interface is easy to figure out. Once you enable the plugin, you can define which browser versions you want to block for your site. We only recommend blocking very old browsers that break your design. Users get to define what is shown to their blocked visitors. You can upload a splash image and change the message that gets shown to your visitors.

Need to block certain browsers from reaching your site? Browser Blocker Plugin does the job. It may be a bit inconvenient for some of your visitors to change their browser but using old browsers is not a great idea anyway.

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