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How To Find Out If Your WordPress Site is Hacked

Nobody likes finding out that their website is hacked. No matter how much effort you have put forward to keep your website protected against hack attacks, you can’t stop every hacker. I don’t know about you but I would love to know when my site is hacked to take action immediately. WP Malwatch could give […]

How To Add a Security Firewall To WordPress

No site is 100% hack-proof. No matter how much you spend on your security team, there are hackers out there who can find holes in your security system. Most small business owners and bloggers do not have enough money to get their own security team in place. But they are not defenseless against hackers. Adding […]

Add Safety Checks To Links In WordPress Sites

If you are the only person adding links to your WordPress blog, you probably have no excuse for linking to a site that contains malware or some kind of danger for your visitors. That is of course if you are not linking to a page that has been taken off afterward and replaced with a […]

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