ElegantBuilder Theme: Drag & Drop Design for WordPress

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Designing your own layout in WordPress can be a bit tricky if you don’t know anything about PHP or CSS. But there are solutions that could help you with that. The ElegantBuilder Theme is such a solution. This is a module-based system that allows you to build your page visually without having to touch a line of code. It has a drag and drop interface to save you time in the process.

Once you install this plugin, you are going to see a new layout section under each post. From there, you can add modules to your page by dragging and dropping them. There are plenty of modules available for you to choose from, including logo, videos, testimonials, buttons, and boxes. Each of these modules can be customized to fit your needs.

This plugin works with most themes. You may have to make minor adjustments to get the best layouts possible. Whether you are interested in building sophisticated landing pages or layouts, the Elegant Builder plugin has you covered.


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