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In order to achieve success in social media, you need to make sure your site as social media friendly as possible. Flare for WordPress is an attractive script that adds your favorite social sharing buttons to your WordPress site and lets you customize their behavior. You won’t have to do a whole lot of coding to implement this the right way.

Flare supports Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+, and Pinterest. You can easily order your icons, and customize their appearance. The Flare code can be displayed at the top, bottom, or other locations of your content. You also have the option to show Flare buttons on the left or right of your post and have them follow your visitors as they scroll up and down.

Flare for WordPress is quite sleek and makes your website instantly more social media friendly. Worth checking out if you are looking for an attractive social sharing plugin.

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  1. Niels Fogt

    Thanks for the review Cyrus~! We are going to be adding in a number of other features in the near future…for instance we are going to add in a follow feature so you can add nicely designed follow icons to your sidebar or page template.

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