How To Add a Forum in WordPress

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Forums are still quite popular these days. They allow people with the same interest to get together and discuss what they are passionate about. Adding a forum to your WordPress website is not that hard. Scripts such as PHPBB and bbPress make it easy to setup a forum on your domain. But what if you want to create forums from within WordPress? That’s what bbPress plugin offers now.

bbPress is similar to WordPress in many ways. After all, it is developed by the same organization behind WP. bbPress plugin just makes it a whole lot easier to add forums to your site from your dashboard. All you have to do is choose the type of your forum, its visibility, and its status.

bbPress plugin fully integrates this forum system into your WordPress sites. It does come with a bunch of custom widgets to save you time customizing your website. You can add login, topics list, reply list, and forum list widgets to your sidebars.

Forums can help webmasters build more solid communities. Thanks to bbPress plugin you can add forums to your site much easier.


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  1. I actually use bbPress plugin in some of my blogs. A pretty nice plugin if you really don’t want to hack into your wordpress and do some coding yourself. I recommend this plugin.

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