How To Add a Mashable-Type Social Bar to WordPress

Those of you who have checked Mashable and similar high quality sites in the past have probably seen their floating social button boxes. These boxes follow readers as they scroll down each page. It is so easy for some people to forget about sending you some love on social media sites when they are done with your work. These types of floating boxes can remind your visitors to submit your stories to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites of your choosing.

If you know your CSS and Javascript, you can easily code this functionality into your website. Or you can just use Sharebar for WordPress to get the job done. It is a versatile and easy to use plugin that adds a floating social box to your site and lets you choose which sites you want to show up in it.

Sharebar comes with a bunch of buttons built-in. Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and StumbleUpon buttons are already included with this plugin. Their small version works great when your visitors make their browser windows smaller.

Users have the option to change the color and look and feel of their box. They also can define the margins from left and right (as well as the position). Users can also enter their Twitter username on Sharebar Settings page.

Sharebar does not affect the performance of your WordPress website and increases the chances of your site getting some love on Twitter and Facebook. No coding is required. It can save you a lot of time optimizing your site for social media.


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    • I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+ as my buttons. I did disable sharebar on pages. I use the default size for the bar (I had to make minor changes to my own CSS when the buttons become horizontal). Which specific setting do you have trouble with if I may ask?

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