How To Add Site Speed Tracking to Google Analytics

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Google is in the search business to make money and offer its users a better search experience. What the engine does not show up high in its search results are websites that are super slow and painful for its users. That’s why Google will continue incorporating site speed factors into its ranking algorithm changes in the future. The good news is you can now measure your site speed using Google Analytics. Google has just enabled that option, though you will need to make changes to your current Analytics code to get started.

You have two ways to add the new Google Analytics feature to your website. You can either use Google Analytics plugins such as the one by Yoast to do the job. Or you can add the following function to your code by hand:

Just find where your trackPageview option is in your code. Add trackPageLoadTime option to your code, and you are set. Once done, your Google Analytics account will start showing you average load time per page. That is from the time your page was visited to when the load was completed. This is pretty easy to do and will provide you with even more useful data to work with.

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