How To Display Your Tweets In QR Code on WordPress

QR codes are quite popular these days. Businesses use QR codes to promote events, URLs, and everything in between. All smart-phone users have to do is scan these QR codes to get to their destination. Not everyone who comes to your site will do so from behind a desktop computer. There is no reason you can’t use QR codes to make reaching your content easier for your mobile visitors.

Twitter QR Code Signatures Widget allows you to promote your latest tweets or your Twitter URL in your sidebar in form of QR codes. It is actually a very easy to use widget. Just provide it with your Twitter username, and this plugin does the rest. Once your mobile visitors scan your QR code, they can reach your updates on Twitter.

QR codes won’t necessarily make you a Twitter superstar. At the same time, they can make life easier for your mobile visitors. This plugin does not put too much load on your account either, which is nice.

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