How To: Tweet Your Older WordPress Posts

Many bloggers have been writing articles for years. Some of their sites have thousands of posts. Twitter can be a great source of traffic for your website if you tweet your content once in a while. Of course, you do not want to tweet your new posts over and over again. That’s where Tweet Old Post comes into play. It is a cool plugin that automatically tweets your old posts randomly to increase the amount of traffic you receive from Twitter.

To take advantage of this plugin, you are going to need a Twitter account. You have the option to omit certain categories of posts from being tweeted. You are also in control of how often your posts are tweeted. You certainly don’t want to tweet posts that are years old. This plugin lets you define the maximum age for your posts to be eligible for tweeting.

Tweet Old Post lets users exclude posts too. The best way to tweet your older posts without turning off your followers is by choosing a category specifically for this purpose (e.g. featured category). You do want to add the appropriate hashtags to your posts to give your followers a heads up.

Posting your older posts to Twitter is another way to bring more traffic to your website. Just don’t over do it.


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