JobJockey: Job Board Theme for WordPress

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Niche job boards are very much in demand. While there are a ton of job board sites available online, you could always improve your own site by giving your visitors the chance to connect with employers or find people that can help them with their projects. JobJockey is a simple but attractive theme that turns your WordPress site into a job board.

JobJockey lets you start your own job boards quickly. It can not only improve your website but also provide you with another avenue to earn more revenue from. Job seekers can register on your website and start adding their resumes and other relevant information to your site. Employers can upload their job vacancies and company information too.

JobJokey provides users with a dashboard to help them track their positions. Employers get notifications when someone applies for their positions. The theme has a clean layout. It is quite user friendly and fast. JobJockey won’t make your site a Career Builder killer. But it does save you time bringing your job board online.



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