Make WordPress iPad Friendly with Onswipe

We first got familiar with Onswipe through PadPressed. PadPressed was an innovative, premium WordPress plugin that aimed to make WordPress sites as iPad friendly as possible. The project has been renamed (restructured) and is currently available for free on Not every WordPress theme is iPad friendly. Since millions of people are using tablets to access your website, you want to make sure your site looks and behaves in a professional manner on touch-screen devices. Onswipe makes sure that happens.

Onswipe may look like a very simple plugin but it is truly magical. It changes the layout of your website and makes it tablet friendly. Your visitors will most likely have an easier way going through your content on their iPad-like devices when you have Onswipe installed. As for the cover of your website, you can choose to grab an image from your most recent post. Cover logo, launch screen image and your font can be changed from Onswipe’s settings page. 

Webmasters have the option to change the skin color of their site on touch-capable devices. If you plan to focus on branding for your website (which you should in most cases), adding your logo and branded creative here is a must. Onswipe not only makes your website look magical on touch devices, it provides your visitors with the tools they will need to share your content on Twitter and Facebook. Your visitors can save your blog to their home screen. This plugin is accelerometer aware too (how cool is that?).

Onswipe may make changes to the layout of your website on touch devices, but it does show the comments your posts have gotten. The theme is beautiful and quite fast too (perfect for those who may not have the fastest of connections on the go). Onswipe is a good way to make your website as tablet friendly as possible.


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