How To Add Related Posts Thumbnails to WordPress

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Webmasters do not like losing people who come to visit their website through various channels. Having great articles on your website once in a while is one way to get more traffic to your site. Being able to keep people interested in your site for a longer period of time is another. Promoting other articles that you have written under each and every post is a good way to keep your visitors interested in your site. Related Posts Thumbnails is a cool plugin that adds related posts with their thumbnails to your posts.

Related Posts Thumbnails is not your average related post plugin. It not only adds relevant content to your posts, it also includes images from them to make your stories more tempting for your visitors to try. Related Posts Thumbnails is highly customizable and allows you to add the code to your pages automatically. You can pick and choose the type of articles that will be linked to under your posts.

Changing the style of your thumbnails is not that hard. Background, font, border colors can be changed from its options page. Don’t want to show related articles based on category? You can go with tags or make the article selection process random.

All in all, if you want to promote your content more effectively on your site, this plugin is well worth trying.

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