RSVPmaker: RSVP Tracking for WordPress

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Throwing exciting events and have everything under control are not always easy. There are always going to be challenges that you will face when preparing for your event. Knowing how many people to expect for your event is smart though. The RVSPmaker can help with that. It is a handy plugin that helps with event scheduling and RSVP tracking. It gives site editors and admins the chance to request for RSVPs for any given event.

With RSVPmaker, admins have the option to request RSVP for their events. They can access RSVP reports from the admin dashboard. An email address for notifications can be defined as well. The plugin is compatible with PayPal, so you can handle paid events with it. You can easily define event date, time, and other information in WordPress.

RSVPmaker makes tracking your events a lot easier. It saves you time requesting RSVP and figuring out who will be coming to your events.

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