Social Image Hover: Make WordPress Images Social Friendly

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Those of you who have spent a decent amount of time on Facebook and other top social networks recently know that a lot of people on those sites share images with their friends and contacts. Making your images social media friendly could increase your site’s chances of getting more action on those sites. Social Image Hover is a handy plugin that helps with that.

Social Image Hover supports Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It shows your visitors the appropriate share buttons to your images with hover-over effect. The script creates buttons on the fly. You get 8 different image hover effects / overlays. The plugin is jQuery powered and highly dynamic. It is highly customizable too.

Social Image Hover has the cool factor and could improve your site’s chances of getting more shares on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. It may or may not work for your site but is worth testing.


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