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WordPress is used by millions of bloggers around the globe. But it can be useful for putting together other types of portals (e.g. eCommerce shops). The number of WordPress e-commerce themes has grown dramatically in the past couple of years. In fact, there are a good number of e-commerce frameworks around for WordPress. Animal House is a theme developed for those of you who want to start a pet store or other kinds of e-commerce shops.


Animal House has a flexible home theme. It is clean looking and quite dynamic. It is e-commerce ready right out of the box. The 12 custom widgets included let you bring more interactive content (e.g. videos) to your site easier. It uses FancyBox images to offer a more impressive experience to your visitors.

Animal House has 15 background patterns for you to choose from. 4 slider area options are available as well. The theme is social media friendly. But you do want to take time to set up your Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter accounts before getting started with this theme. You can review products and sell them right on your website. Animal House does offer inventory tracking, tax management, currency options, and a whole lot more.

Animal House has a clean look and a simple-to-use options page. It is more than capable of handling small shop businesses.


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