Start an E-commerce Site with StoreBox for WordPress

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So you want start make money online selling your own or others’ products? Starting an e-commerce site allows you to do just that. You won’t need to deal with a super complex CMS to create such a site when you can rely on WordPress to get the job done. StoreBox is one of many themes available to WordPress webmasters that lets them set up their e-commerce site quickly.

StoreBox for WordPress is designed strategically to help webmasters convert more leads. It can be used to provide your top products and promotions the maximum exposure. StoreBox allows you to handle various product types on your website.

Entering product details and attributes can be done easily as well. Keep in mind that you don’t have to own an inventory to use this theme. It can be used for affiliate sites too.

This theme supports coupon codes for your business. It offers bulk upload capability too. Want to have a side-blog? StoreBox has you covered. The theme does have 5 color schemes for you to choose from. Overall, this theme gives you an easy way to set up your shop fast. Just don’t forget about security plugins to harden your site.


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