Turn Your WordPress blog into a native iPhone App

Mobile is the future. In the upcoming years, more people will use their mobile devices to access websites. If you do not have a mobile friendly version of your site available to your visitors, you will be missing out. Introducing your own mobile application is one way to take your mobile strategy to another level. Thanks to WiziApp you can turn your WordPress blog into a native iPhone app.

Wiziapp makes the process of creating your own iPhone application a piece of cake. You can make changes to all aspects of your application, which is quite nice. iPhone apps created with this plugin can handle mobile ads.

Wiziapp lets you make changes to your splash screen, customize your TabBar menu, and set your sharing options. Once you are done with your app, just review it to make sure you have the right settings in place. Wiziapp supports push notifications too. It makes changing your app and updating it quite easy too

Wiziapp makes bringing your own iPhone application to the market super easy. It saves you time and makes you more productive, especially if your resources are limited.

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