WangGuard: Protect Your WordPress Site Against Sploggers

Many of us do not allow strangers to register for free accounts on our websites. The risks to your community will be that much higher if your site is open to registrations. Sploggers are always looking to target these types of sites. WangGuarg is a powerful tool that lets you keep sploggers at bay and banish them from your “open” community.

WangGuard is a self-learning tool. It essentially gets better as you use it and report sploggers that have made their way to your website. Users who have been marked as sploggers won’t be able to register on your website. It uses a central database of sploggers to achieve its effect.

Here is the fun part: WangGuard can go through your database to find spam users who may be waiting for their chance. You are going to need a free API key to get started. It is much more effective than CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA systems can be broken or gamed. Spammers would have a difficult time getting through your defenses with WangGuard.

If you are planning to start a membership site or open registrations on your blog, WangGuard can help you deal with sploggers more effectively.

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