Wapp: WordPress Theme for App Sites

So you have put together an iPhone or Android application and are hoping to make a ton of money off of it? You are going to have to promote your app like a pro to get real results. Putting together a mini portal for your app to showcase its features is the way to go. Wapp for WordPress is a dynamic theme you can use to present your previous work, app prices, and everything in between.

The Wapp theme can handle individual app sites as well as developer portfolios. It has 13 custom page templates and 8 layouts to get you started. The theme is highly customizable. It not only has a powerful Options Panel, it offers a decent number of custom shortcodes too. What’s nice about this theme is the fact that you don’t need to know any coding to put your site together.

Wapp for WordPress is handy for any app developer not interested in coding their app site from scratch. It is easily customizable and user friendly too.

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