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Having the greatest content in the world won’t keep people on your site forever. Not if they can’t find other great articles you have worked on. Adding related articles to each and every post on your website is a great way to change that. Wordnik’s Related Content is an exciting plugin that makes it easier for your visitors to discover other great content you have worked on.

The Related Content plugin increases reader engagement with your content. It uses Wordnik’s proprietary concept graph technology to scan your blog, learn what it’s about, and show the best similar posts possible. The script uses Wordnik’s API to make your life as a writer easier. So you can not only display your great works but also find ideas to write more of those.

Here is the good news: unlike other related posts plugin, this script relies on Wordnik’s servers to show related posts on your website. It does not slow down your website like many other similar scripts. The results are not perfect but this does have some potential.

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