WP Noter: Store Notes in WordPress Admin Panel

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Running a WordPress site takes a lot of effort. As a webmaster, you not only need to make sure your website functions properly, you should also control the quality of your content and keep up with your to-do list. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take notes and store them in your admin panel for future references. WP Noter is a cool little plugin that makes that possible. Notes are user based which means each user will be able to store different notes.

WP Noter allows you to take personal notes. Your notes will be visible only to you. You can flag certain notes for importance using the three different flags included. We liked the cleaner tool too.. Instead of having to delete a ton of notes one by one, you can delete them all. The script is powered by AJAX so it does not take away from your experience. You can search through notes too.

WP Noter have import and export tools too. These are useful when you plan to move your site. Overall, this is quite a handy plugin for anyone needing to keep track of notes in WordPress. It does what it promises.

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